Ransom Candice


  • okładka twarda
  • autor Ransom Candice
  • ISBN 0-590-33064-0
  • seria wydawnicza Sunfire
  • wydawnictwo Scholastic Paperbacks
  • rok wydania 1984
  • liczba stron 362
  • numer wydania 1
  • wymiary 10,5x17,8
  • waga 0,26
  • język angielski
  • stan dobry +
  • zbiór NL/G

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The South that raised her was at war, while Susannah's own battle raged in her heart....
Susannah had lived her sixteen years as a proper Virginia girl - obedient, dreaming of marriage, leaving the decisions to the men. But when her brother and her fiance are called on to defend the South, Susannah takes the first daring steps of rebellion against the old rules. She must fight for her own life, for her family, and for the secret love born in the flames of war.

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